About the Uber2cute Etsy Shop en going back to where it al started

Hi there,

I’m Anna and i love to share my story about how i began Uber2cute Etsy shop.

In 2012 i just lost my job and i wanted to do something for myself; something creative.  I know my best friend Leilani sinds we were 7 years old. We started writing letters to each other at an early age. And in those letters we would draw en use those color pens wich smelled liked fruit.

We grew up in the 80 s, and everything was colorfull and we just loved My little pony (G1) , Candy Candy, My Melody, Bobby & Kate and Charmkins etc. Everything bright and cute!

One day when Leilani and i were having a latte machiato we talked about our drawings and about collage art. We used to make collage art in our school planners.  And because we both love those lovely vintage childrens books illustrations we started that day to make a collage on A4 paper.   The result was pretty and we scanned it and went to the local copyshop to make a postcard print.  Le Jardin Enchante  Postcard was one of the first postcards we made.We both made some more postcards. And we were thinking about opening an etsy shop, and which products would be nice to put in the shop.

At the the 4th birthday party of my oldest daughter Zoie we asked our friends and family if they knew a pretty name for our etsy shop. And a good friend of us; Vincent said:Uber2cute. And the name is just perfect! Vincent is a grapic designer and he designed the logo. i just love the cute cloud and the retro pastel colors.

We decided to sell vintage puzzles from Simplex and made magnets from the puzzle pieces.  I never forget when we had our first sale to Kylee she has a etsy shop called Sewtattercoats  I discovered that day that etsy sellers are sweet people and help each other out. Kylee bought several items and wanted to buy a puzzle magnet that we reserved for her and than an other costumer bought that magnet before she had a chance to order it. She said i m so glad you have another sale so i will order a different one.  After this first sale we slowy got more sales.

In 2013 Leilani went to nursery school and the combination school/family and Uber2cute was too much. We decided that i alone would go further with Uber2cute.

It has been a crazy journey it still is and lately i have decided to focus more on Uber2cute and to do things in my life that makes my life better and happier. I hope you will join me.

Love Anna





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